Get Involved

image 012MOSES is only as powerful as its base: the growing group of grassroots leaders that translate our shared values into action. There are countless opportunities to get involved. Remember that any and every act of civic participation makes a difference.

To start, let us know how you’d like to keep in touch. You can sign up for our mailing list or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date on our latest news and events.

If you have a particular question or wish to discuss your involvement with a staff member, please contact any one of our staff members directly.

Member Congregations

At the core of MOSES is its network of member congregations. All faiths are welcome: currently, MOSES member congregations represent Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Muslim and Unitarian faiths.

Faith institutions serve as hubs for community engagement, and serve as an ideal starting point for community organizing. MOSES leaders learn to conduct listening campaigns in their congregations, learning about pressing concerns in their communities. Once issues of concern are determined, MOSES connects congregation leaders to other like-minded partners in its powerful network. Finding strength in numbers, congregations can more effectively achieve the community change they seek.

Those faith institutions that find value in MOSES’ work support the organization by paying annual membership dues. Members send delegates to the MOSES board of directors, participate in the clergy caucus [link to info on clergy caucus under “Our Team” page] and attend a variety of local and national trainings, all while providing vital support to MOSES.

How can my congregation become a member?image 013

Any congregation willing to commit to the following can become a MOSES member:

  • Pay annual dues: dues are based on the size of your organization. The dues structure can be found on the MOSES membership application.
  • Board/Leadership Assembly responsibilities: One member of your congregation – often a clergy member – must commit to serving on MOSES’ Board of Directors. This individual and one lay delegate from your congregation must attend monthly Board/Leadership Assembly meetings. An alternate may be selected in case one person cannot attend a meeting.
  • Clergy Caucus: The MOSES Clergy Caucus meets monthly. All congregations are expected to participate on a regular basis, though attendance at every meeting is not required.
  • Congregational activities: Each member congregations agrees to participate in the following organizing activities.
    • A MOSES organizer conducts 10-20 one-on-one conversations (“1-1’s”) with key leadership within the congregation.
    • The congregation creates a core team of 5-30 members (depending on size of congregation) who take a leadership role in organizing activities.
    • The congregation turns out at least 10% of their congregation membership to an annual MOSES-wide event.
    • The congregation conducts local actions that benefit their community.
  • Leadership training: Congregations are committed to developing leaders within their membership. These leaders receive training on skills and techniques for active civic participation. National and local trainings are provided throughout the year; congregations commit to:
    • Send at least two leaders to the Gamaliel Foundation’s National Weeklong Training
    • Send at least 5 – 10 leaders to a local core team training
    • Send clergy to a Gamaliel Foundation National Training event
    • Send at least one person to Gamaliel’s National Leadership Assembly

For more information on becoming a MOSES member, please contact Ponsella Hardaway, Executive Director at