Moses Community

MOSES is a community organizing nonprofit serving residents of Detroit, Michigan and its surrounding metropolitan region. We support the development of strong grassroots leaders, and facilitate campaigns to address social justice issues.

About Us

Guided by faith-based principles of social justice and fellowship, MOSES helps ordinary people find and exercise their civic power. When a community faces a problem, the members of that community are best equipped to solve it. MOSES provides residents with the skills they need to effectively address issues of community concern. We support historically marginalized communities, empowering residents to participate in the decision-making processes that affect their daily lives.

Political, social and economic circumstances in metro Detroit are ever changing, yet the essence of MOSES remains constant. We strive to facilitate a vibrant regional democracy, and to support the collective needs of our region’s people.

News and Events

  • The MOSES 20-20-20 campaign will run through all of 2017. Build Power with MOSES in our 20th year! [click image for more info]

News and Events

MOSES clergy and leaders are fighting against an excessive drainage fee imposed by Detroit Water & Sewerage Department that threatens to shutter many Detroit churches and businesses. Detroit churches and businesses are unfairly being asked to pay an unfair share of Detroit’s debt in the aftermath of bankruptcy. Click here for more info on this movement.

Michigan Voice Detroit Organizer Job Opportunity, Due June 8th 2017.

Stay tuned for upcoming events with MOSES. Fill out this survey so we can work to build power with you!

Walking by faith, leading by example—Faith-based community organizing in Detroit